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Other Services

There are many services and technologies our practice has to offer our patients. From digital radiography to laser treatment of tooth decay and soft tissue lesions to extractions and root canals etc.  We pride ourselves in the variety of services we can offer our family of patients.

Have a look at some of the services you can expect when you visit our practice and allow us to formulate a treatment plan that will satisfy all of your needs.

Striving to Offer the Best in Comprehensive Patient Care

Digital Radiography

The latest in radiological technology made available to all our patients. It reduces radiation, speeds up development and interpretation of images, magnifies for easier diagnosis and enhances the dental experience for the patient.


Our office employs two kinds of lasers. Once can treat lesions on teeth comfortably and minimally. The other is used to manipulate soft tissue in an atraumatic fashion, much improved over the days of electrocautery and scalpels.


Simple extractions can easily be performed with no need for referral or sedation. In the case of wisdom teeth or complicated extractions, we work with the finest specialists in the area to ensure a pleasant experience for our patients.

Root Canals

Simple endodontics for the treatment of problems with the internal structures of the teeth (nerve, artery and vein complex known as the pulp) has been streamlined to the point where it can be readily accomplished quickly and comfortably in our office. We proudly offer the finest equipment available to our patients who need endodontic procedures performed that fall within our own comfort levels. With complicated cases, we will refer you to our colleagues who specialize in endodontic procedures.

Nitrous Oxide and Anxiolytics

For the patients who require a little more help relaxing in the chair, we offer nitrous oxide and prescription medications to assist in easing the tension that can often be associated with a visit to the dentist. All of the drugs we use are safe and simple and are well tolerated by nearly all patients. These useful adjuncts may help the apprehensive patient have a more relaxing experience at our office.

Pediatric Care

We love kids! We encourage parents to let their children accompany them to our office to see first hand how enjoyable a trip to the dentist can be. When they show interest, we gladly offer cleanings, education on proper maintenance, fluoride treatment, diagnosis and treatment of problems without needless emotional trauma. For cases that require a little more care and perhaps mild sedation, we will gladly refer you to our local pediatric specialist for treatment.


For athletes or just to protect the dentition, we fabricate soft mouth guards to comfortably protect the irreplaceable asset that is your smile!