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Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry involves procedures performed with one goal in mind: improve the appearance of the smile. While aesthetics are the driving force behind cosmetic dentistry, functionality cannot be overlooked. Some procedures, such as bleaching or whitening of a patient's teeth, may not demand attention to functionality. Other procedures, such as crowns and veneers, will only bring lasting results if they are planned with the closest attention to detail.

We Create Beautiful Smiles

Many problems that patients have with the appearance of their teeth can be quickly and affordably addressed through aesthetic recontouring and replacing of old, worn out stained fillings. Challenging cases, such as teeth that have undergone root canal therapy and have since darkened may in fact have a solution that is simpler than you might imagine. If you have questions about what be done to make your smile more satisfying, let us walk you through all of your options and help you make sound, informed decisions that will suit your needs and demands.

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching or whitening teeth involves the removal of stains from the surface of the teeth through chemicals applied to the dentition and are designed to make the smile appear more white and youthful.  Stains accumulate on almost all teeth to some degree. Bleaching is a safe, fast and often very affordable way to reverse the hands of time. Bleaching can be done in a variety of ways.

We offer three basic levels, or systems, of bleaching.

  1. Over-the-counter or ‘one-size-fits-all’ options can be purchased in drug stores or right in our office.  These materials are safe and affordable. What they lack is the intimacy of fit that ore costly systems offer, yet many patients feel that the cost difference more than makes up for that shortcoming.
  2. Customized bleaching trays made from models of your teeth allow the bleaching materials to more effectively contact all of the surfaces of your teeth. As such, they tend to have results that are more effective and faster than over-the-counter products.
  3. Lastly, we offer an in-office bleaching protocol that we have found to be the most effective bleaching system available today. Through the years, we have tested many systems and we are confident that what we offer today is the best of all available systems. For the patient who demands the greatest possible results, talk to us about the KoR bleaching system. You can find some examples of the results we have seen in our ‘Before and After’ photos.


Veneers are porcelain restorations placed with minimal preparation to the visible surface of teeth with the intention of beautifying both the color and contour of the smile. Veneers are unmatched in their beauty and when applied with close attention to detail, may last a lifetime when properly cared for.

While we do get many patients interested in having veneers placed, the truth is that many patients are not good candidates for veneers for various reasons. When teeth have existing fillings in them, or when the teeth in question are in a high stress environment, many time we will opt for a more durable restoration solution such as a crown. The best way to find out if you are well-suited for veneers is to have a consultation performed. At that time, we can discuss the options that will best fit your needs and demands.